Advancing Practice provides a pathway to measure your influence and maximise your impact on Australian pharmacy practice.

Designed for Australia’s fast-changing healthcare landscape, Advancing Practice is a catalyst for and milestone of career achievement, as part of broader efforts to build a more highly skilled, flexible and adaptable pharmacy workforce.

Advancing Practice employs a convenient single-point online portal, backed by secure, cloud-based software, to collate and assess the activities and achievements of Australian pharmacists through independent third-party review.

Delivered by Pharmacy Development Australia, and overseen by the Advancing Practice Advisory Board, the program credentials successful applicants as Stage I Advancing Practice, Stage II Advancing Practice or Advanced Practice Pharmacist.

Please note: There are currently no application rounds scheduled for 2020.


Hear from some of Australia’s leading practitioners on the value of Advancing Practice:

Chris Freeman

This program allows a level of achievement no matter what industry you’re practicing in. It is important for pharmacists and employers to consider the Advancing Practice credential, as a confident signal to the Australian community that the profession is practising at a high level.

Andy Hale

It was incredibly exciting opportunity to be involved in the first pilot of Advancing Practice evaluation in Australia. Being credentialed at Level II has given me a really objective guide from the assessment and the evaluation on how I can now continue my current practice.


Deirdre Criddle

The healthcare landscape is definitely changing. Advancing Practice gives us the perfect vehicle to move our profession forward.


Geoff Grima

I still remember the day I opened my letter that said I was credentialed as an Advanced Practitioner.


Manya Angley

The value of Advancing Practice is in looking at your activities, aligning with a robust metric and seeing that you have made a tangible impact to patient care.


Advisory Board

Pharmacy Development Australia was established to support the progression and transformation of Australia’s pharmacy workforce, to address the changing healthcare landscape and meet the evolving needs of patients and the community.

The Advancing Practice Advisory Board comprises leaders from across the pharmacy profession and consumer health, overseeing the program as part of broader efforts to build a more highly skilled, flexible and adaptable Australian pharmacy workforce:

Assoc. Prof. Ian Coombes (Chair)
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Associate Professor Ian Coombes is the Director of Pharmacy, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, and an Adjunct Associate Professor at School of Pharmacy, University of Queensland.

Ian completed a PhD at University of Queensland, resulting in a safe prescribing curriculum, and contributed to the standard later National Medication Chart.

Ian was awarded SHPA’s National Clinical Pharmacy Award in 2003, Medal of Merit in 2011, William Harris Award in 2016, and is a credentialed Advanced Practice Pharmacist. Ian supervises RHD students to completion, has authored 67 peer-reviewed publications and secured over $500,000 for pharmacy practice based research programs.

He is a governance lead for the Collaboration of Australians and Sri Lankans for Pharmacy Practice, Education and Research.

Debbie Rigby (Deputy Chair)
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Debbie Rigby is a consultant clinical pharmacist and NPS MedicineWise Board Director.

She has a Bachelor of Pharmacy, Graduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy, Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy, Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Pharmacy, is a certified Asthma Educator and credentialed Advanced Practice Pharmacist.

Debbie’s other appointments include Australian Digital Health Agency Clinical Reference Lead, Veterans’ MATES Practitioner Reference Group, Australian Deprescribing Network, Visiting Fellow at QUT, Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Queensland and former SHPA Accredited Pharmacist Reference Group Chair.

Debbie was awarded the AACP Consultant Pharmacist Award in 2008, PSA Australian Pharmacist of the Year in 2001, PSA Qld Bowl of Hygeia in 2002, SHPA Australian Clinical Pharmacy Award in 2016 and PSA Gold Medal Award in 2017.

Dr Catherine Duggan
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Dr Catherine Duggan is the Director of Professional Development at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

Since 2012, Catherine has led the development, implementation and strategic embedding of RPS Faculty and Foundation programs into continuing professional development. In 2016, Catherine was Director for PD and Interim Director for RPS England, and now has a consolidated role in PD: science, education and professional standards.

Catherine has published widely and presented at national and international meetings. Between 2007 and 2009, Catherine was UK Clinical Pharmacy Association Chair and an elected member of the Council of the RPSGB. She has been awarded Fellowships of both the RPS and UCL School of Pharmacy and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Dr Chris Freeman
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Dr Chris Freeman is a Consultant Practice Pharmacist at Camp Hill Healthcare, a Clinical Senior Lecturer at University of Queensland and is a National Director (Vice President) at the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) and the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy (AACP).

Chris has a Bachelor of Pharmacy from James Cook University, a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy and PhD from the University of Queensland. He has published more than 30 peer-reviewed publications and has been awarded over $1.4m in pharmacist practice and health service research funding.

In 2012, Chris became the first Australian pharmacist to obtain specialisation in ambulatory care pharmacy under the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (United States) and in 2015 was credentialed as an Advanced Practice Pharmacist.

Chris was awarded the PSA Young Pharmacist of the Year in 2011 and the AACP Consultant Pharmacist of the Year in 2014.

Assoc. Prof. Kirstie Galbraith
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Kirstie Galbraith is an Advanced Practice Pharmacist and Director, Experiential Development and Graduate Education at Monash University.

Kirstie’s area of expert professional practice is Practitioner Development. She is responsible for experiential development and graduate education in the Pharmacy Faculty at Monash University and works closely with the profession to advance practice locally, nationally and internationally. She works across the spectrum of undergraduates, intern/foundation level pharmacists, and more advanced practitioners.

She has a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the Victorian College of Pharmacy, was welcomed as a FIP Fellow in 2017, and was awarded the SHPA Medal of Merit in 2015.

Professor Lisa Nissen
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Professor Lisa Nissen is Professor and Head of the School of Clinical Sciences at Queensland University of Technology. She is an experienced pharmacy practitioner, researcher and educator having worked in hospital and community pharmacy in metropolitan and rural areas of Queensland, Australia.

Lisa’s focus is on improving the Quality Use of Medicines in the wider community, across the health care continuum, with a focus on health service development and factors that influence the prescribing of medicines. Lisa is a strong believer in the benefits multidisciplinary health care teams and was one of Australia’s first credentialed Advanced Practice Pharmacists.

Professor Debra Rowett
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Professor Debra Rowett is Discipline Leader: External Relations School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences at the University of South Australia and Director of the Drug and Therapeutics Information Service (DATIS), Southern Adelaide Health Network. Debra is also the current President of the Australian Pharmacy Council.

Debra has worked extensively in the area of quality use of medicines, inter-professional practice, health policy and workforce development in Australia and internationally. Debra has also been at the forefront of academic detailing training and implementation in Australia and is a member of the national Drug Utilisation Sub-Committee of the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC). In 2016, Debra received the prestigious SHPA Fred J Boyd award and, in 2002, SHPA’s Australian Clinical Pharmacy Award. Debra is credentialed as an Advanced Practice Pharmacist in Australia and is a Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.

Sam Turner
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Sam Turner is an early career community pharmacist working as a manager at Priceline Pharmacy in Hervey Bay, Queensland. He has over ten years experience in community pharmacy and graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2015.

Sam is a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) Queensland branch committee and Early Career Pharmacist Working group on a state and national level. In 2014/15 Sam was National President of the National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (NAPSA) and a member of the Pharmacy Practitioner Development Committee (PPDC) for two years during the integration of Advanced Pharmacy Practice Framework into national competency standards for pharmacists.

In 2015 Sam won the title of Queensland Pharmacy Student of the Year and was awarded Queensland Pharmacy Graduate of the Year. At university he was also awarded special excellence in leadership at the QUT alumni student leadership awards and Honorary Life Member of NAPSA in 2016 for his service to the organisation.


Advancing Practice is a credentialing program in pharmacy. Advancing Practice provides a pathway to measure your influence and maximise your impact on Australian pharmacy practice and patient care.

Advancing Practice measures your career progression by collating and assessing your achievements and experience in pharmacy through independent third-party review.

The Advancing Practice framework has been built to ensure you can make the strongest positive impact on customer and patient care, your pharmacy practice, the practice of your colleagues and the broader profession, regardless of your career stage or care setting.

Credentials and associated post-nominals conferred by Advancing Practice are a strong, visible sign you are practising at full scope for your career stage, and the credential could feature in future job applications or career negotiations as independent recognition of your skills and experience.

All pharmacists. Advancing Practice has been designed to meet professional needs for Australia’s fast-changing contemporary healthcare landscape, and is suitable for pharmacists working in the full range of current and emerging practice settings.

Advancing Practice offers four rounds per year.

After you apply and your payment has been processed, you will receive a unique URL link to access the Advancing Practice portal and begin entering your responses.

You are required to provide evidence from your practice portfolio across five domains: Professionalism and ethics, Communication and collaboration, Medicines management and patient care, Leadership and management and Education and research.

In each round, you have four months to complete and submit your portfolio.

The Advancing Practice portfolio building guide and other supporting resources are available to assist.

Tailored support is available through some pharmacy Professional Organisations, such as the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA).

The Advancing Practice team is available to answer any questions you have on the application and submission process.

The fee to access the Advancing Practice portal is $750. Payment can also be made through instalments, organised through the Advancing Practice team.

A practice portfolio is a formal documentation of your training, achievements and experience in pharmacy. It is an accepted evaluation method used to provide evidence of competency that would otherwise be hard to assess, such as professional behaviour, practice-based improvements, research activities and professional experience. This type of evaluation was endorsed by the profession as the most appropriate method to demonstrate evidence of performance against the advanced practice enabling competencies during the 2015 advanced practice pilot program conducted by the Australian Pharmacy Council, and has been adopted by Advancing Practice on this basis.

See: Background and guiding principles

After submission, your portfolio will be independently evaluated against the advanced practice enabling competencies from the National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists in Australia 2016.

Advancing Practice will credential successful applicants at one of three stages (conferring associated post-nominals):

  • Stage I Advancing Practice Pharmacist – AdvPP(I)
  • Stage II Advancing Practice Pharmacist – AdvPP(II)
  • Advanced Practice Pharmacist – Adv. Prac. Pharm.

Stage I Advancing Practice: Credentials the pharmacist as having proven themselves established in a role, performing at an advanced level beyond foundation practice years; or having proven themselves established at a stage of specialisation and advancement beyond early years of practice.

Stage II Advancing Practice: Credentials the pharmacist as an experienced and recognised leader, locally or regionally, having proven themselves an expert in an area of practice and capable of regularly managing complex situations.

Advanced Practice Pharmacist: Credentials the pharmacist as a nationally and/or internationally recognised leader in an area of expertise, with a breadth of experience and expertise; also recognises the practitioner as a business, strategic and/or corporate leader.

When you apply and join an Advancing Practice Round, you commit to submitting your practice portfolio by the deadline of that Round.

Deadline extensions, withdrawals and refunds are not possible, however you may defer your application to a subsequent Round via request in writing to Advancing Practice, and upon payment of a $100 administration fee. Only one deferral is permitted per applicant; you will forfeit your application fee if you do not submit your practice portfolio in the subsequent Round.

Any applicant for Advancing Practice credentialing may appeal the outcome, where the applicant believes that procedural error or bias has occurred during the evaluation of their portfolio, and is able to provide evidence to demonstrate the error or bias has occurred.

Advancing Practice Appeals Policy

Advancing Practice is guided by the Advancing Practice Advisory Board, which comprises leaders from across the pharmacy profession, education, medicine and consumer health.

For information on becoming an evaluator, commitment involved, timelines and remuneration, and to apply, visit Evaluators


Portfolio building guide

Assists you with preparing a practice portfolio to be evaluated to determine your stage of practitioner development.

Background and Guiding Principles

Outlines the background and guiding principles for the credentialing of Advanced Practice Pharmacists in Australia.

Competency Standards

The Advancing Practice framework for assessment is based on the competencies outlined with in the ‘National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists in Australia’.


‘Over the last decade a number of collaborative bodies have built upon a growing body of research and drawn from international example to refine an Advanced Practice framework suitable for the Australian landscape.’

– Associate Professor Ian Coombes
Chair, Advancing Practice Advisory Board

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  • Joy Gailer​
    Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Drug and Therapeutics Information Service (DATIS)
  • Assoc. Professor Kirstie Galbraith
    Director, Experiential Development and Graduate Education (EDGE), Monash University (Parkville Campus)
  • Dr Amy Page
    Consultant Pharmacist, Monash University and Emerald Medical Centre
  • Geoffrey Grima
    Director of Pharmacy, Redcliffe Hospital
  • Linda Graudins
    Senior Pharmacist Lead, Medication Safety, Alfred Health
  • Dr Manya Angley
    Director, Manya Angley Research and Consulting
  • Professor Debbie Rigby
    Consultant Clinical Parmacist, DR Pharmacy Consulting
  • Jim Siderov
    Senior Pharmacist, Cancer Services, Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre
  • Professor Michael Dooley
    Director of Pharmacy, Alfred Health
  • Dr Minyon Avent
    Senior Pharmacist, Queensland Statewide Antimicrobial Stewardship Program, Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital
  • Penelope Tuffin
    Advance Practice Pharmacist – Palliative Care and Pain Management, Royal Perth Hospital and Fiona Stanley Hospital
  • Professor Lisa Nissen
    Professor (Head), School of Clinical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology
  • Assoc. Professor Ian Coombes
    Director of Pharmacy, Royal Brisbane and Womens Hospital
  • Dr Chris Freeman
    Consultant Practice Pharmacist – Camp Hill Healthcare, Clinical Senior Lecturer – The University of Queensland
  • Deirdre Criddle
    Complex Care Coordinator Pharmacist, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
  • Professor Debra Rowett
    Discipline Leader Pharmacy, University of South Australia and Director Drug and Therapeutics
  • Chui Lynn Choo
    Senior Specialist Pharmacist – Intensive Care, John Hunter Hospital
  • Rochelle Gellatly
    Clinical Senior Lecture, Monash University
  • Dr Shane Jackson
    PresidentPharmaceutical Society of Australia, Director – Consultant Pharmacy Services
  • Dr Elaine Pooi Ming Lum
    Senior Research Fellow, Population and Digital Health, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Sally Marotti
    Lead Pharmacist, Research, Experiential Learning & Training, SA Pharmacy
  • Dr Treasure McGuire
    Assistant Director of Pharmacy, Practice & Development, Mater Health, Brisbane with Senior Conjoint Appointments School of Pharmacy, Universty of Queensland and School of Medicine, Bond University
  • Dr Dan Mellor
    International Associate Medical Director – Europe, Middle East, Australia and Canada
  • Adj. Assoc. Professor Geraldine Moses
    Consultant Pharmacist, Mater Health
  • Assoc. Professor Bhavini Patel
    Executive Director Medicines Management, Top End Health Service, Nortern Territory Health
  • Adele Print
    Professional Teaching Fellow, University of Auckland
  • John Woodward
    Consultant Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacist For You
  • Susan Edwards
    Clinical Pharmacist, Drug and Therapeutics Information Service (DATIS)

© 2016 International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)

The Advancing Practice program aligns with FIP’s 2015 Advanced Practice and Specialisation in Pharmacy global report and 2016 Pharmaceutical Workforce Development Goal 4: Advanced and Specialist Development.

Please note: There are currently no application rounds scheduled.

Advancing Practice remains committed to supporting the growth and impact of Australia’s pharmacy workforce; please follow Advancing Practice on Twitter (@AdvPracticeAU) or Facebook (@AdvancingPractice) for updates.